Note: Bookings for Zim Parks lodges are made through their website www.zimparks.org

 Hwange NPPicnic sites / Overnight useVisitorsLocals
 HwangeJambile and Mandavu  US$90US$45
 Shumba, Ngweshla, Masuma,   Deteema, Kennedy. (Max 6 people. $29pp extra)US$173US$115
 Picnic sites. Walk in rate per person US$29US$15
 Camping per site per nightUS$50US$30
 Guvalala Platform site per nightUS$90US$45
 Main CampLodge 2 bedroom / 4 bedsUS$115US$75
Lodge 1 bedroom / 2 bedsUS$86US$50
Cottage 2 bedroom / 4 bedsUS$86US$50
Cottage 1 bedroom / 2 bedsUS$69US$40
Chalet 2 bedroom / 4 bedsUS$69US$40
Chalet 1 bedroom / 2 bedsUS$40US$20
SinamatellaLodge 2 bedroom / 4 bedsUS$115US$75
Lodge 1 bedroom / 2 bedsUS$86US$50
Chalet 2 bedroom / 4 bedsUS$69US$40
Chalet 1 bedroom / 2 bedsUS$40US$20
Camping per site / per night (3 pax)US$50US$30
NantwichLodge 2 bedroom / 4 bedsUS$138US$75
Robins CampLodge 2 bedroom / 4 bedsUS$86US$50
Chalet 2 bedroom / 4 bedsUS$69US$40
Chalet 1 bedroom / 2 bedsUS$46US$20
Isilwane Lodge. 3 bedrooms / 6 bedsUS$229US$140

All rates accurate at time of publishing


a) These fees are for overnight stay in the lodges, chalets, cottages, camping and picnic facilities.
b) Firewood is provided upon payment of gazetted rates/bundle
c) Guests who make bookings and occupy Parks accommodation for seven consecutive nights are entitled to 10% DISCOUNT of the total bill. Accommodation fees are inclusive of 2% tourism levy and 15%VAT for locals foreigners.
d) Camping and picnic fees are charged per site unless otherwise specified. All ordinary sites take a maximum of 6 people and 2 vehicles, Exclusive and undeveloped sites maximum of 12 people and 3 vehicles.
e) All children (6-12 Years) shall pay special rates for camping 50% of the adult fee.
f) Educational tours groups shall pay 50% on camping fees
g) Accommodation shall be charged per lodge per night, unless otherwise indicated

Accommodation Fees per Park and Facility

• Accommodation rates will range between the low season and the peak season rate from 10%-100% of off peak rates.
• Ordinary Camping is charged per site rate for maximum of 3 people whilst most exclusive sites are charged for 6 people with extras paying on arrival at the camp.
• Ordinary sites- maximum of 6 people/site
• Exclusive Sites- Maximum of 12 people/site
• All accommodated clients to pay conservation fees in advance.

Rates correct at time of publishing